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About Babicz Guitars

Babicz Guitars was established in late 2003 by Jeff Carano and Jeff Babicz, veterans of the guitar industry, and both players themselves. As the executive management team for the headless Steinberger Guitar company in the 1980's and early '90's, Carano and Babicz experienced success in selling products throughout the world due to their unique relationship with domestic and international distributors, as well as a cohesive artist relations program. Their experience has demonstrated the value of a strong marketing program in combination with proven business practices.
Over the years Babicz Guitars has made a considerable impact in the highly competitive guitar industry. This has been accomplished through the development of innovative and revolutionary patented guitar designs of Jeff Babicz, and through its enthusiastic acceptance by the international artist community, corralled by Jeff Carano.

The Technology

The Babicz guitar is unique in that it's designed by a musician for a musician. When Jeff Babicz set out to "re-design" the acoustic guitar, his three main objective were improvements in string action height, sonic qualities, and intonation. What Jeff developed was an award winning guitar which feature the following technology. 

Continually Adjustable Neck 

Patent #7,157,634
The proprietary Continually Adjustable Neck is an innovative approach to adjusting the string height ("action") of a guitar in a fast and seamless motion. This is achieved by allowing the neck to slide up or down, with the turn of an ordinary Allen key, on command, by the musician. This adjustment has little or no effect on the intonation of the guitar.
By lifting the neck up or down to adjust the action, you are essentially adjusting the neck to the string height instead of the other way around. You are not re-pitching the neck, so a simple height adjustment does not affect tuning...(Click here to read more

Lateral Compression Soundboard

Patent #7,112,733
When the strings are removed from the bridge and anchored to the top of the guitar, a lateral compression force is created (compression of wood within the soundboard, not compression of tone or frequency). 
This creates a fully energized soundboard. The design is extremely strong because the strings are anchored directly to the soundboard, near the outer edge of the top, in a fan-like pattern. The strings tensile forces are almost entirely lateral and are spread out over a larger area. Because there is very little stress on the center of the soundboard (which is the weakest and most flexible part), traditional 'X' bracing can be omitted and replaced with a much more delicate and lighter bracing...(Click here to read more)

Torque Reducing Split Bridge

Patent #7,534,945
The Babicz Torque Reducing Split Bridge is not glued to the soundboard, but secured via special fasteners. For optimum performance, these fasteners can be released, and the entire bridge can be repositioned to achieve proper intonation throughout the entire life of the guitar. 
This is possible due to the absence of bridge pins (and glue), as well as the incorporation of proprietary fastener slots provided in the soundboard.
Additionally, the patented bridge is a split design with...(Click here to read more)

Artists Who Play Babicz

Everyone from legends like Todd Rundgren and Earl Slick, to Heavy Metal icons Judas Priest and Queensryche, or Southern Rockers like Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Outlaws and Molly Hatchet, Nashville session players like Fred Newell and Doc Wooten, Classic Rock 'n Rollers like Joe Lynn Turner, Foreigner, Howard Leese and The Pretenders, Pop Super Stars The Black Eyed Peas, even acclaimed virtuoso Adrian Belew, have made Babicz their guitar of choice. 
(Click here to see the full Babicz Guitar Artist roster)


Teja Gerken, Acoustic Guitar Magazine
“While Babicz’ innovations are impressive, the best part is that the guitar is a lot of fun to play. Because I was able to set it up to play much easier than any of my own guitars, I particularly enjoyed playing difficult chord-melody material, and I found that the guitar responded well to a light right-hand touch. Adjusted with higher action, the Babicz also took well to more aggressive strumming, making its included Allen wrench a magic wand of flexibility”.

Leonard Russel, On-Line Review
“When I played the Babicz Identity guitar….., I was amazed first by its sound, and second by its smooth and silky playing characteristics. Notes rang true and loud from one string to the next, all the way up and down the neck…….. The adjustable neck joint made it easy to go from slide-style to low, electric-style action with a simple turn of the wrench……Babicz has produced an innovative, distinct, and original design that takes every aspect of acoustic craftsmanship and improves it.”

Matt Blackett, Frets Magazine
“In a matter of seconds I took the Jumbo Cutaway from a robust strummer to a low-action flat-picking shred machine. It’s really amazing…Certain passages have a clarity on this guitar that I had a hard time matching on other acoustics—almost like a 6-string high-definition TV”.

Peter S. Kohman, Guitar World Magazine
…the versatility, durability and sound are mind boggling, especially for a guitar in this price range. Babicz offers numerous different models, some perhaps more conventional looking, but the darkly dashing black Spider is a standout guitar in every respect…extremely balanced tone, fuller sound, fast and advanced neck-adjustment system, great value for price”.

Matt Charles, Premier Guitars
“(The Babicz) is an amazing instrument, offering an unparalleled level of flexibility, playability and    beauty that can work for any style of player. The sound of this guitar is great both acoustically and amplified, with a well defined low-end and a brilliant, bell-like tone in the mids and highs…. a perfect guitar for recording or playing live and would make an amazing addition to anyone's collection.”

Chip Wilson, Vintage Guitar Magazine
“The sonic result of Babicz's design is a profound resonance and sense of air movement that is immediately apparent when the instruments are strummed or fingerpicked. The guitar seems to open up and blossom…….chords fretted up the neck have an open-string dimension….response across the frequency spectrum is even with an impressive volume”

Brian Majeski, Music Trades Magazine
“A patented neck design, a new approach to bracing, and a unique bridge set this instrument apart from everything else on the market.”

Derek Davodowic,
“We found the Babicz to be very bright and full bodied in sound. No matter which position we played, the guitar provided consistent tonal quality including a good balance of low, mid, and high characteristics throughout the entire tonal spectrum. As a result of the “ICZ” Lateral Compression Soundboard, this acoustic guitar generates good volume levels combined with excellent tone.”

Stan Jay (RIP), Mandolin Brothers Review
“The sound of the guitar is remarkable -- full, deep, with a cello-like bass response……it is woody, full of air while still retaining great projection.”

Chip Wilson, Vintage Guitar Magazine (on Martin/Babicz OMCRE guitar)
“The performance experience was truly enhanced by our ability to quickly alter the string height on the OMCRE…when playing in open G and dropped D tuning, we lowered the neck, effectively bumping up the action, and let the open strings sing…the quick customization of the setup to shifting styles made the OMCRE a great choice for the engagement.”
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