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Thank you for considering the Babicz Full Contact Hardware® bridge for the *Rickenbacker® 4001-3 bass, designed by Jeff Babicz. The FCH-RIC bridge offers many benefits; such as individual string height adjustments, a wide intonation range, easy (and fully reversible) drop-in installation...all while maintaining the original RIC bridge “look” and features. This double locking bridge also adds incredible tonal stability with the innovative eCAM full contact design, U.S. Patent No. 8,525,008. Weight: 3.17 oz.

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*Rickenbacker® is a registered trademark of Rickenbacker International Corporation. Babicz is not affiliated with Rickenbacker International Corporation.
*Note 1: Does not include the original RICK bridge/tail frame. 
*Note 2: The Babicz FCH Bridge for RICK does not address "bridge lift", found on some 4001 series basses. For optimum performance, a slight lift is acceptable, however if your bridge lift is severe then you may want to consider purchasing a new one from AllPARTS