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Babicz FCH-1 SoloRail, Individual Bass Saddle / Bridge, Original Series

This individual bass saddle allows you to add as many as you need. Group more than one together to make a narrow spaced 5-String. Group together to make a 6, 7, or 8 (or more) string bridge assembly. Great for multi-scale, fan fret basses. Narrow .600" (15.24mm) string spacing. String from the top, or through the body, Available in Chrome, Black, or Gold finishes. Includes instructions, mounting screws, and adjustment wrench. 

SSP: $59.95-$79.95

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Chrome Finish
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  • Narrow .600" (15.24mm) string spacing
  • Group together....add as many as you like
  • Double locking Original Series design
  • String from the top or through the body
  • Patented FCH eCAM technology
  • High performance all Aluminum design
  • .800" Intonation Adjustment Range
  • Weight: 0.8 oz per saddle