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Babicz Guitar FAQ's

1) Can I use regular length strings?
Yes, all Babicz guitars are designed to use your favorite brand of strings. This is possible because all string manufactures make strings extra long to accommodate guitars with tail pieces. 

2) Why are the strings attached at the bottom of the soundboard?
This is an intentional part the Babicz design that is totally functional. Some people confuse this with being a visual hook or gimmick. The best way to convey the function of the string anchors is using this analogy: When the stings are attached directly to the soundboard, Lateral Compression, or tightness, is created in the top. A drum head that has no tension is acoustically dead, but once tightened, is becomes alive and sonically vibrant. This is the same principle used for the Babicz guitars. The soundboard uses the pull of the string to Compress and activate the top, making it more lively. It's also much stronger because the strings are attached near the rim of the guitar, which allows internal bracing to be lighter - again aiding in making the soundboard more flexible and acoustically pure. 

3) I understand that Babicz guitars have adjustable necks. Is this true and why?
Yes all Jeff Babicz guitars are equipped with the revolutionary Continually Adjustable Neck system. This system allows the player to quickly adjust the guitars action string height, with a turn of an included Allen key, to accommodate any playing style required. This is all achieved without knocking the guitar out of tune or altering the intonation.

4) Why does it appear that the bridge is fastened down?
The Torque Reducing Spit bridge system is unique compared to most acoustic guitars. Like most other Babicz features this system is strictly functional and really serves three purposes. First, it's separated into two pieces; the Bridge and the Retainer which helps reduce forward rotational torque. Second, the Bridge is adjustable for intonation because it is not glued to the soundboard, but attached by special fasteners. Thirdly, the Retainer acts as a "string aligner", keeping perfect string alignment to the Bridge.

5) What kinds of woods are used?
Solid Rosewood and Mahogany tonewoods are used for the body material. Solid Engelmann Spruce is used for the soundboard and interior braces. 

6) What body styles are available?
The Identity Series currently offer two body styles: Dreadnaught Cutaway, and the Spider.

7) Why is there a gap around the neck, near the soundboard? 
An intentional clearance space can be found on all the Babicz guitars. This allows the adjustable neck to travel freely without touching the guitars' top. This also allows the soundboard to vibrate more freely in the upper bout area...another benefit to the design! 

8) What kind of finish is used and why is the top on the Identity guitars satin?
A catalyzed Urethane is used for the Identity Series. The tops on the Identities are a thin satin finish to prevent acoustical dampening within the top. High gloss is used for the back and sides to show off the beautiful tone woods. 

9) How strong is the included case?
The Identity guitars are equipped with a custom hard shell case. The top is arched for strengh and the case includes custom Babicz silkscreen logo. 

10) Where do I go for service and what are the Warranty policies?
The Identity guitars include a 3 year limited warranty. Feel free to contact us regarding all warranty issues.