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US Patent # 7,534,945

The Babicz Torque Reducing Split Bridge is not glued to the soundboard, but secured via special fasteners. For optimum performance, these fasteners can be released, and the entire bridge can be repositioned to achieve proper intonation throughout the entire life of the guitar. 

This is possible due to the absence of bridge pins (and glue), as well as the incorporation of proprietary fastener slots provided in the soundboard.

Additionally, the patented bridge is a split design with a separate String Retainer. The separate String Retainer aligns the strings and applies downward pressure on the bridge's saddle. 

By separating the two components, the classic forward rotational torque is substantially reduced - resulting in less soundboard stress. The bridge can never become unglued or lifted because the strings are not directly attached to the bridge. The separate String Retainer actually holds the bridge down.