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Fender LAUNCHES refreshed Aerodyne Special serieS, and They select Babicz Bridges For the Lineup! 


All of us at Babicz Guitars have been keeping this quiet until Fender made it official.
For the last several years Jeff Babicz and Jeff Carano have been working very closely, yet under the radar, with the product development and marketing teams of Fender Musical Instruments, who as many of you know are the largest guitar brand on the planet. Jeff Babicz' brilliant designs for electric guitar and bass saddles and bridges attracted the attention of several Fender personnel, a few of whom we knew from years ago when Jeff and I were the management team for Steinberger Guitars.

As time went by, our sales of the patented Babicz Full Contact Hardware® bridges began to grow; in fact due to the overwhelming support of players around the world, our sales were growing exponentially.
At the same time we further developed our manufacturing alliance and were blessed with unprecedented dedication to quality, and efficiency by our overseas partners.

These activities combined to inspire confidence by Fender to now offer the Babicz Full Contact Hardware (FCH) bridge technology -on every model of their long-awaited Aerodyne Special Guitar and Bass Series.
It's not been easy to keep this news under wraps throughout this year as we worked continually with the Fender factory in Japan, and trading literally hundreds of emails with key Fender personnel in California and countless ZOOM calls. We are now pleased to announce that Fender has joined the family of brands embracing the Babicz FCH technology!

This has been the culmination of an enormous amount of hard work, sacrifice, and investment over the years. But the two "Jeff's"  never wavered in their faith with their products.  
So, the Babicz crew is going to take a few days to enjoy this latest chapter in our company...then we will be back at work because there is still a lot to do, and we are just getting started!
~The Babicz Team

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Above, L-R, Fender Aerodyne Special Jazz bass, Stratocaster, Telecaster, Stratocaster HSS, and Precision Bass, all featuring Babicz® Full Contact Hardware® bridges