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FCH-Tele Single Coil, Original Series

Gold Finish


SSP: $164.95-$194.95

Nickel finish now available!
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The "Full Contact Hardware" direct coupling system for "Telecaster" style bridges directly replaces the existing bridge, in either three or four hole mount systems. The "eCAM" saddle design means unwanted spaces between the bottom of the saddle and the top of the bridge plate are eliminated. The Babicz "Full Contact Hardware" replacement system for "Telecaster" style guitars offers unmatched stability, increased sustain, dramatically improved fullness and tone along with complete adjustability. Available in Chrome, Black Nickel, and Gold finishes.

Please Note: The FCH Tele Bridge is designed as an upgrade unit for the 3 hole mount American Standard Tele bridge and/or the traditional "Ash Tray" 4 hole mount Tele bridge. If your Tele bridge is a 3 hole mount, then load the strings from the top, at the bridge. If your Tele bridge is a 4 hole mount then load the strings from the top, at the bridge or through the body.
Chrome Finish
Black Finish
Nickel Finish
Babicz FCH Tele Shim Plate:
Need a little more height? For those Tele kit builders (such as Warmoth guitar kits), our Tele shim plates give you a taller saddle elevation when installed just below the FCH Tele bridge. Each milled aluminum shim plate measures .100" thick and is designed to fit Original Series Tele bridges perfectly. 
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  • Double Locking, Original Series design (at the saddle and at plate)
  • Patented Babicz eCAM saddle system
  • High performance aluminum construction
  • Drop-in fit for 3 hole mount American Standard, or 4 hole mount Ash Tray bridges
  • Includes bridge, instructions, mounting screws, and adjustment wrenches 
  • Weight 3.0 oz.