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fCH-2 Point Trem, Narrow, Z-Series

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Fits American Fender Strats. Includes tremolo, springs, spring claw with screws, tremolo arm, pivot screws with body inserts, instructions, and 1.5mm adjustment wrench. Weight: 10 oz. 
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  • Single saddle lock screw
  • FCH eCAM saddle technology
  • 2-Point fulcrum
  • Tempered steel Babicz logo plate
  • Weight: 10 oz. 
Installation tip: Drilling holes for the two metal body inserts: For softer top woods drill a 3/8" hole. For hard wood tops drill a 25/64" hole. The inserts should tap in place with a plastic mallet. Always test fit the inserts on scrap wood before drilling holes in your guitar top!